Toe-Tac-Tic ?

A couple of days have flown through and I’m trying to surface at least some flaws in this game: Tic-Tac-Toe. And prettily, I’ve already sensed my triumph by doing so.

At it’s heart, I dislike games that end up in draws, and Tic-Tac-Tic, covers a whole lot of them. Now people have built up a bunch of games out of this one, like the 4 by 4 grid’s or a 3D one, but that won’t just ruin the game, but seemingly will increase the chance to obtain a draw by more than 40%.

So, another anonymous yet witty pal on the web came up with a rather intriguing alternative to crush all of the game’s drawbacks.

To get going with this one, you just need the handy stuff, and the rules on this ‘Toe-Tac-Tic’ go pretty smoothly.

So, both players begin with the same symbol, rather the same color. And frolic around like those kindergarten kids playing Tic-Tac-Toe, just that an ingenious principle lies at the foundation of this game. ‘The contestant who builds a 3 in a row first LOSES’. Let those words digest in and then continue with the article which goes like this …


Blue loses as it has connected 3-in-a-row

Now, the game has endless possibilities to propagate into a result. But, no space to endure the gruesome draws which merely make us lose the bets. No player can survive more than two serves to fill the grid, because the longest you can hold on with the game is 2 moves for each player, the next move is a dead-end for either opponent.

Like any other game, this game provides you with an infinite bunch of strategies. The most accredited being this one: Never begin from the center. Play your first move on any of the boxes on the sides. Then play your next move like a knight of a chess, i.e, two steps forward in any direction and then one step either left or right.


Likewise …
This strategy guarantees you a definite victory and a handful of comments to dump your friends.

I’ve paraphrased this post from a brilliant video on NumberPhile, whose link has already been addressed in the ‘About’ page. 

This game’s really impressed me, a lot more logically and practically, rather than mathematically. ‘Toe-Tac-Tic’ can be seen as the toe, or the foundation of Tactics. (The pun though! )

So go about and spread a word,  build new strategies and explore the game !

And do suggest what you would like to read next, next week !

~Shamoil Khomosi


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The Quest Of The Sixy Numbers

The question’s peculiar, the quest is mind twisting,  just one hint provided by me , you need to be an expert at mathematical operation and the knowledge of them.

imageThe Quest is to use 3 and only 3 whole numbers repeatedly between 0 & 9 and to add between the 3 selfsame numbers , any mathematical operation – roots, factorials, division , etc…. to obtain 6 as the result of all collective operations with numbers !
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The answer seems to be easy,  ummm…. I don’t think so .

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Let’s first begin with the deception of numbers, before revealing the tiny secret :

♧ Think of  a number between 1 & 9, for ease of explanation in instructions , I will assume your number as n
♧ Now, let n be imagined three times one after the other or in this manner – nnn ( not n*n*n )
♧ Divide this resultant number by it’s sum of digits – nnn/n+n+n

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Halloween - Christmas, Brothers ?

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This is a pretty aged joke in mathematics. I know, nobody would have a laugh on this until they get the interpretation of this topic.

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