Lunar Mission : Fold Over 42

Recently, I’ve been trying to take some burden off our cherished NASA squad, and after ‘much’ scrutiny, I’ve have astutely and craftily established a pretty lucid method to fling you right off to the Moon. And this mission has been drafted as the Fold Over 42. 

If you’re on tenterhooks and want to shoot off right now, then fancy a small gargantuan paper, bearing a dimensional thickness of 1mm, and slip yourself into a cosmonaut’s ashen livery, with an air-filled canister drooping through; what next? 

Now take your humongous paper, and trigger yourself, folding the paper precisely 42 times over into halves. Once you’ve done that, you’ll amply realize that darkness had already fancied around you, and your head was brushing off just atop the moon’s surface. 

This paradox resembles a parody of instantly wavering from ‘The Boulevard Of Broken Dreams’ To ‘Walk The Moon’. But, astonishingly, this oddity is unmistakably true.

Let’s begin from the beginning, our Earth’s flung off from the moon at a titanic lapse of 384,400 km, that quantitively equals to 384,400,000,000 mm. 

Now, in our oddity, we took an enormous paper of width 1mm. What’s required to be discerned is that every time the paper is folded over, it’s thickness doubles, because another layer of paper adds up. So, in the process of every fold, the thickness is multiplied by ‘2’. So, in the first fold the thickness becomes 2mm, in the second 4mm, the third 8mm, so on and so forth. By, 42 folds the value would’ve been 2*2*2*2*2… 42 times or simply, 2^(42)mm and this value is titanically equal to the lapse between the Earth and the Moon.


All Image Courtesies – Ted Ed
 As a matter of fact, if the paper is folded into halves 103 times, the thickness will be as colossal as that of the  observable universe!

So, the next time you don’t perceive what’s the perfect present for your pal, gift a mere paper, and add another mere label that reads,”Gifting you a million dollar worth space-craft” and by the time he realizes what’s up in here, you’ll probably be mocking him right off his face.

[Note: A paper cannot be folded more than 8 times, so let’s let this colossal mystery remain an amazing Space Oddity & for the ‘FO 42’, let’s hope it takes down in a mere million years!]

Shamoil Khomosi


39 thoughts on “Lunar Mission : Fold Over 42

      1. Count on me, and excuse my English, I´m a huger, if that word exists :D I´m sure there is no word for that in Spanish LOL
        Your big hug has been received and much appreciated!

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      2. I had some hard time earlier with common expressions… I don´t want to look other possible and disgusting connotations or meanings… I´m sure you´ve got it right when you´ve hugged back!! Thank you so much for your intercultural kindness, my friend!

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      3. Haha, Welcome. I do understand, you can just reply likewise here. I’d thank you for your showers of friendly comments and perhaps, the upcoming awards, that you’ll gift me, with your endless support. Counting on you, friend!

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      4. Shamoil! It´s raining likes!!! You are wonderful, my friend, in every single word´s meaning :)
        “…perhaps,the upcoming awards”, dear, how many do you want?
        I´m on my way for dropping likes ;)
        Love and light, David

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      5. I was just joking there, I just meant I’m really glad for all you’ve done and all that you shall be doing. The awards you’ve gifted me are priceless and they’ve brimmed the joy in my heart. They’ve meant a lot! Perhaps, now I shall get many more opportunities to nominate you for them! Your support means a ton to me…

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      6. It´s a pleasure and an honor for me to receive and to nominate. The thing is I have 15 awards waiting. It would be my pleasure nominate you for any of them.
        Actually you will be nominated for the animal spirit award soon… You don´t have it :)

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  1. What a great gift! Really, interesting post. I wish I could surmise such equations. I love math but anything deeper than dividing seems to get jumbled up -and even when I think I have the right answer -I’m sure I don’t.

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